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Requalification of static and dynamic behavior of curved masonry structures. Experimental, analytical and numerical study George WARDEH


Directeur :
George WARDEH - Belén González Fonteboa
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Masonry structures represent an important part of the cultural and architectural heritage in Europe. The majority of these structures is characterized by the presence of arches that have both bearing and aesthetic functions. They are aging and suffer the increase of applied static and dynamic loads. Their preservation, therefore, requires the establishment of effective intervention methods for the maintenance and the eventual reinforcement. The proposed joint thesis project aims to study the static and dynamic behavior of brick arches designed and tested up to failure in the laboratory under several types of loading. For the analysis and the interpretation of obtained results, an experimental campaign on the mechanical properties of masonry is envisaged. Compressive tests on masonry specimens will be carried out in order to characterize the stress-strain relationship as well as the compression failure mode. Direct tensile tests on the brick alone will be performed to determine the tensile strength and the post-peak softening behavior. In addition, 3-point bending tests are envisaged to obtain the tensile behavior of the brick-mortar interface. From these tests, the necessary parameters for the material behavior constitutive laws are determined. An experimental program will be also conducted on reduced arcs models with the same geometric characteristics and made with the same materials. For the analysis at the structural scale, several approaches will be adopted under both static and dynamic loading conditions. The objective is to achieve analysis tool using analytical models and finite element method to simulate the behavior of curved structures. The proposed tools would allow to simulate the mechanical behavior as well as the failure modes of reduced structures models. The knowledge of the masonry behavior constitutive laws would allow to determine stresses and strains states inducing the failure of critical sections and to perform a reliability analysis of the influence of elementary material behavior laws on the overall behavior.
Type de financement :
Allocation de recherche
Laboratoire :
L2MGC - Laboratoire de Mécanique et Matériaux du Génie Civil
Entreprise(s) partenaire(s) :
Université A Coruna - Espagne
École doctorale :
SI Cergy - Sciences et Ingénierie
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  • Comportement physique et mécanique
  • Dynamique des structures
  • Structures