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ODOBA: observatory of the durability of reinforced concrete structures CDD


Sandrine Morin
France, Cadarache Nuclear Safety Division/ Safety Reseach
13115 Saint Paul Lez Durance



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Given the increased service life of nuclear facilities, the ODOBA international project
aims at better understanding of concrete ageing at a structure level (scale effect).
The chemical properties and the mechanical characteristics of concrete could be
significantly evolved on long period. A better understanding will lead to assess the
safety functions of the nuclear facility such as reactor containments and waste disposal
facilities along their lifetime.
More information:
In the frame of the ODOBA project, IRSN is looking for a confirmed scientist in the field
of concrete to contribute to ODOBA studies focus on the internal swelling reaction
The position is for a 24 months duration at Cadarache in South of France in a R&D
department relative to nuclear safety. The candidate will be in interface between
experimental and modelling department
The contribution expected is to be in support to the interpretation of the experimental
data for concrete blocks with swelling pathology during aging. Thanks to his expertise,
he will be a source of proposals to contribute to the scientific development of the
The main objectives are:
To take over part of the experimental data of the ODOBA project and extract
the relevant information in the database
To compare between small and large scale experiments the pathology
development based on data analysis concerning the durability factors
regarding online measurements, non-destructive examinations and
physical/chimio/mechanical measurements
To review the literature data (civil engineering research studies) on degradation
factors and concrete swelling of the concrete aging in support to the ODOBA
experimental data interpretation
To make some proposal to assess the scale factor for ODOBA conditions
To be able to make some proposals to possibility improve online
instrumentation and participle to the development of MEB analysis
To participate to meetings with international partners and to stimulate
scientific exchanges
To exchange with people working at the local scale to make some connections
between all the ongoing IRSN R&D on the topic
Skills required are to have experience in concrete field (at least 5 years) after
education in civil engineering or in the field of materials, to be able to interact with
different teams involved on this topic with interpersonal skills, and ability to
summarize and to write reports.



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