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Postdoctoral Position Reconstructed soils from waste CDD


Mohamed-Tahar Ammami et Ahmed Benamar

76600 Le Havre


Établissement :
ULHN - Université Le Havre Normandie
Laboratoire :
LOMC - Laboratoire Ondes et Milieux Complexes
Rémunération mensuelle :
2590 €
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Profile/ expected skills

The candidate, holder of a PhD or Master’s degree in civil engineering, Environmental Sciences or related disciplines, with the qualities of a researcher (rigor, writing, synthesis...), have strong experimental skills in soil testing and sediments analysis, as well as a knowledge in geoenvironmental engineering or related fields. Finally, the candidate is expected to be able to easily integrate with a research team and work independently.


Laboratoire Ondes et Milieux Complexes (LOMC, UMR CNRS 6294 – Le Havre Normandie Université), 75 rue Bellot, 76600 Le Havre Involved group: Geo-Environment and Porous Media (GEMP)

Duration 12 months (Extendable for a further period 1 year) – full-time-position

Gross salary From 2390 € to 2590 € / month according to the candidate experience

Deadline Apply before: April 25th , 2021 – Contract start: May 15th, 2021

Application Send CV + cover letter by e-mail to: and

Job Description: The proposed job is part of the European Interreg Franche (channel) England “RECONSOIL” dedicated to reconstitute soils from waste. The project is under to collaborate with various partners (BRGM, Caté and University of Plymouth). Cohesive sediments represent the main part of dredged material in estuaries and are able to serve as soil. The project aims to create reconstructed soil Mixtures, which may be used across a range of applications comprising a mixture of readily available and locally-sourced waste materials (soils displaced by construction, dredged sediments from waterways, agricultural and horticultural wastes). Overall, waste materials will be examined as potential constituents for reconstructed soils. The candidate will conduct initial screening based on physical, mineralogical, hydrological, and biogeochemical properties for the identified waste materials before concluding about their suitability. The soil mixture will be suitable for multiple applications (brownfield sites, public spaces, residential and ornamental gardens, urban farming, and agriculture).

The proposed work is structured as follows:

- Identifying appropriate waste materials from local construction sites & waste streams

- Using electroremediation technique to treat polluted sediments selected to be suitable for reconstructed soils

- Developing pilot soil mixtures based on end use (urban gardens; land reclamation; brownfield site remediation)

- Analysing and monitoring soil safety

– ensure that there are no harmful materials (contaminants) in the new soils.


- Deep knowledge of soil treatment (restoration) and life cycle assessment, including data quality and geoenvironmental skills.

- Experience will be appreciated on environmental footprinting and quantification

- Experienced as team’s researcher Desirable:

 Experience in laboratory research

 Experience in scientific management

 Communication and team working attitude.

 Fluency in English as working language, knowledge in French is welcome  Good integration in multidisciplinary teams.

 Organization and motivation.

 Compromise and cooperation.

The candidates will be evaluated based on their qualifications and ability to fulfil the responsibilities as outlined for this project. We are looking forward to receiving your application including the following documents:

1. A cover letter summarizing your qualifications for the position and stating your major achievements (in English)

2. A detailed curriculum vitae with a list of your publications 3. The names, addresses and emails of two potential referees

For further information, please contact:

M. Ammami – Le Havre Normandie Université. Phone: +33 (0)2 32 74 48 16

A. Benamar - Le Havre Normandie Université / LOMC UMR 6294/ +33 (0)2 35 21 72 59


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