3rd EUROMAGH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Du 19-10-2020 au 23-10-2020


Lieu : Rouen

Call for Abstracts


CONFERENCE THEMATIC: Sustainability and Biobased Materials on the road of bioeconomy

Facing to the climate change and environmental challenges, in the last decade we have seen quite some attention for the resources used for renewable materials: from fossil to bio.
Today, the focus is shifting for a more dynamic bioeconomy towards developing biobased materials with high performances, good recyclability and biodegradable properties.
The purpose of this conference is to promote understanding, scientific and technical progress and recent knowledge in the valorization of biomass into biobased materials, from extraction of natural polymers, biopolymers, to biobased mixtures from macro to nano scales. The conference will provide a discussion forum for the worldwide community of scientists and engineers in the field of bio-based materials and their huge applications making it a truly multi and interdisciplinary conference.

Conference Topics

1. Bioeconomy vs Biobased Materials :
Brakes and Levers for a new sustainable approach?
2. Agroresources, fibers, nanofibers and nanoparticles reinforcements :
Morphology, Physiology-Properties.
3. Bio resins, Biosourced Monomers and Biopolymers :
Synthesis, Properties and Application.
4. Plant aggregates and vegetal concrete :
Characterization - Formulation - Multiphysics Properties.
5. Biocomposites and Nano biocomposites :
Processing, Properties and Sustainability.
6. Rheology, Bioprocess and Modeling :
Implementation, Physical Properties and Mechanical-Multiphysical behavior.
7. Recycling and Industrial Valorization :
Eco-conception and LCA, Environmental Assessment.

Important dates

Deadline for abstracts submission: April 15, 2020
Notification of acceptance: May 15, 2020
Deadline for fees registration payment: June 15, 2020
Deadline for papers submission: June 15, 2020

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Dr Mohamed RAGOUBI

Thème : Sustainability and Biobased Materials on the road of bioeconomy
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