2nd International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Civil and Maritime Structures Du 23-05-2019 au 24-05-2019


Lieu : Glasgow

2nd International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Civil and Maritime Structures,, May 23-24, 2019, Glasgow, UK

HeaMES 2019 will be a 'boutique' conferences with some 50 papers and 100 participants, strongly centred on its focal themes. It will bring together a 50/50 mix of international academics and industry, facilitating close interactions between the two sectors.

 The list of confirmed keynote and invited speakers includes:

Prof. Dan Frangopol, Lehigh University, USA

- Dr Daniele Inaudi, CTO, Smartec SA, Switzerland

Prof. Jung‐Ryul Lee, KAIST, Korea

- Dr Abhishek Kundu, Cardiff University, UK

- Prof. Franklin Moon, Rutgers University, USA

- Prof. Carlo Rainieri, University of Molise, Italy

- Prof. Franck Schoefs, University of Nantes, France

Prof. S. A. Sudath Siriwardane, University of Stavanger, Norway

- Dr Helder Sousa, HS Consul\uDBC0\uDD9Fng, Portugal.

There is an urgent need for further progress in structural health monitoring for both civil and maritime structures. Maximising the availability and productivity of onshore and offshore infrastructure and marine vessels, whilst operating them safely and with minimal impact on the environment, is of major concern to operators. Many such structures are unique, e.g. ships such as FPSOs have specific constraints, loading characteristics and damage consequences that make them different to other offshore installations and conventional ships, and often more challenging to maintain and operate. Market research shows that there is a need for efficient SHM which could facilitate structural, fatigue and corrosion analyses and underpin risk-based inspections to address the structural integrity of onshore and offshore structures. Radical developments in the telecommunication, sensor and data processing technologies are transforming the way that asset management is conceived and carried out. Sensors and structural health monitoring systems are increasingly becoming an integral part of new and existing buildings, bridges, offshore structures and installations, and vessels. Sensing arrays can be permanently connected to distributed management networks so that owners, users, and in general, all those involved in the management process - connected via the Internet - can query in real time condition and performance during construction and operation. Whereas today the structural engineer conceives the single building or bridge as a stand-alone project, in future it is likely that structures will be regarded as nodes of a complex infrastructure network. Design specifications, real-time operation, and any decision on maintenance, upgrading and reconstruction of the single node will reflect the management policy of the whole system, properly accounting for concepts such as cost, risk and sustainability and structural health monitoring will play a critical role in these transformed approaches. HeaMES 2019 provides an ideal platform for innovative industry and practitioners, leading researchers, technology developers, and supply chain partners to meet. Bringing the pioneering experts together, the conference aims to promote exchange of ideas, recent research and ways forward to application and commercialisation.

 Conference Themes:

·         Performance and condition monitoring 

·         Quantitative SHM-based reliability, safety and performance assessment

·         Modelling and dealing with uncertainty in SHM data

·         Economic analysis of SHM strategies and benefits

·         Management of structures exceeding design life

·         Damage control, repair and strengthening 

·         Damage detection

·         Modelling of operational and environmental influences

·         Digital twin/SHM integration

·         SHM-based design 

·         Validation and certification

·         Design guidelines and codes

·         Signal processing

·         Big data in SHM

·         Real time monitoring 

·         Standardization of SHM systems

·         Sensors and actuators for infrastructure instrumentation

·         Sensor networks

·         Remote monitoring systems 

·         Global system integration 

·         Smart structures and materials

·         Field applications and case studies

·         Critical issues in SHM 

·         Visionary, disruptive and transformational concepts

 We would also like to invite and encourage you and your collaborators and students to submit abstracts (to by 23rd Oct 2018), and later papers, and attend the conference. Group discounts may be discussed for larger groups of attendees with shared affiliation.

 We look forward to welcoming you to Glasgow in May 2019.

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  • Analyse des risques
  • Dynamique des structures
  • Essais in situ
  • Gestion des risques