2019 EMI International Conference Du 18-10-2018 au 05-07-2019


Lieu : INSA Lyon, Villeurbanne, France

Dear colleagues, dear partners, dear friends,

The 2019 EMI International Conference will be held at INSA Lyon, Villeurbanne, France during July 3-5 2019. This event will be a forum to present the newest findings and to depict the future development in Engineering Mechanics as the core discipline of science-enabled Civil and Mechanical Engineering understood in the broadest sense. The oral presentations will be dedicated to academia and to colleagues from companies who are interested by your achievements and who are wiling to presents theirs findings. 

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee and the International Scientific Committee, we welcome you to the campus of Lyon Tech, La Doua. Enjoy the worldwide reknown French City of Gastronomy!

Call is opened from September 15th 2018 to November 15th 2018

Civil and Mechanical Engineering are two very active fields in Research and Innovation. The findings of one can be benefit for the other and vice-versa based on Experimental and/or Modelling and/or Simulation approaches. Your achievements can be of interests for academia and for companies as well. More and more findings are multi- and cross-disciplinary and combined different approaches. Therefore this Conference is of interest for Material and Environmental Scientists and Companies, IT etc.

The detailed list of topics is given on a dedicated pages.

Thème : future development in Engineering Mechanics
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  • Comportement physique et mécanique
  • Essais de laboratoire
  • Essais in situ
  • Modélisation